Crypto Writing Bounties

How it will work:

-A list of specific topics, and requirements for the writing will be listed.

  • A bounty reward price will be set.
  • Once Finished tweet @ScaredCrypto with a link to a medium article. The first writer to complete the above will then receive the bounty. Include Name of Bounty, Date & Time of completion, and the bounty #

*Before the bounty is rewarded the article information will be vetted. With the submission of a bounty you are giving the full rights for Paragon Art LLC to use the submitted information on its own & partnered sites. The original author will be credited and linked for all their work*

These bounties can range from the analysis of the Solana market to a logo for a paragon project. We want to have a way for the community to contribute to paragon and get rewarded for it!

Current Bounties

Bounty #001

Medium article on Solana staking & liquidity pools. Minimum 1k words. Beginner-Intermediate understanding level. Helpful guide photos included.

Reward = .5 Sol