How to Bulk Mint with Holaplex

1. First, you want to navigate over to Holaplex and click on “Mint NFT’s”.

2. Next click on the + arrow and add up to 10 different photos you want to mint.

You can select up to 10 unique photos at one time.

3. On this page you will fill out all the details for each photo.

To switch editing to a different photo just hit “next”.

4. On the next page you will set the royalties for when the art sells on a secondary market.

5. Next you can set the creator split. If needed you can click “Add Creator” and edit the percentages.

6. Finally select if you want to mint each piece as a “One of One” artwork or a Limited Edition.

You can learn more about the Holaplex Community Fund Here: Fund

7. Review all the NFTs and make sure everything looks good.

8. Last, review the pricing and hit “Mint NFTs”.