How to Link Your Twitter Handle to a Phantom Wallet Address Using Bonfida

This article contains a simple explanation of linking your Twitter handle to your Solana wallet. This allows you to remain easily recognizable in the community and makes transferring assets from wallet to wallet super simple. Instead of being a long string of numbers and letters, people can simply use your Twitter handle. This saves time and reduces the likelihood of sending coins or NFTs to the wrong address.

Start off at the Bonfida website home page. Here, you can see all of the services they provide, but the focus of this article will be on their naming services.

Scroll down the homepage. You will be presented with a list of the Bonfida ecosystem. You will select Name service.

Once you have reached the Name service page, you will select twitter at the top of your screen to bring you to the Twitter linking portal.

You will click claim Twitter handle from the Twitter linking portal in the middle of your screen. From here, you will need to do three things. First, have a compatible wallet connected to the website. Second, have your Twitter account open, and third, have your wallet address copied to your clipboard.

After doing the above three steps, post your wallet address to your Twitter account.

Then copy the link to your tweet to the clipboard.

Now return to the Bonfida web page. After clicking the claim domain button and connecting your wallet, you should be prompted with this page. Paste the link you copied from Twitter into the highlighted bar above. Your Twitter handle should automatically fill in once you’ve copied the link.

It should look something like this, from here, click next.

After clicking next, you should be returned to this page. From here, to verify the process has worked, type your Twitter handle here to confirm (it is case sensitive).

If every step was followed, your Twitter handle should pop up with your wallet address attached like this. Now, if anyone wants to send you SOL instead of asking for your wallet address or typing in a long code, they can just send SOL to @yourtwitterhandle, and the sol will be routed to your wallet.