Minting Your First NFT With Holaplex

Tips Before Minting:

  • Make sure the file name has no spaces.


1. Click on the create button in the top right of your holaplex store.

2. Select the medium you want to upload your nft.

3. Upload your Nft Artwork.

4. Next add in all your information for your artwork.

Attributes: For most 1/1 I usually ignore this. But if you want to add attributes such as collection or rank this is how.

Click Add Attribute:

  • Trait Type: Category of Trait; Example (“Head” or “Rank”)
  • Value: The actual value of that trait; Example (“Round” or “57/3000”)

No need to worry about display traits!

Make sure all this information is correct! Double-check because you cannot change it after it’s minted.

5. Next you will set the royalties of your artwork for when it sells on a secondary market.

6. Next You will see the review of your NFT before you mint it. Now press “Pay With Sol”.

7. Just a few more steps before you finish! Phantom will pop up and ask you to approve the NFT. Make sure you are signed into the correct wallet and that you do this process decently quickly.

8. Once completed you will get a confetti celebration for minting your NFT!